Illustrations by Joe Fleming

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Gambling occurs at a very high rate among people experiencing poverty and homelessness. In fact, 35% of men and 28% of women using shelter services in Toronto and Hamilton reported serious gambling concerns.

This is nine times higher than the general population.

Problem Gambling Among Youth: Joey’s Story

An animated video developed for and informed by youth who have lived experience with trauma, poverty and gambling. It presents an engaging, illustrated narrative of the challenges associated with youth problem gambling, the recovery process, and resources.

The relationship between problem gambling and poverty can be complicated by experiences of homelessness, trauma, violence, mental illness and substance use. These experiences are also impacted by intersections of class, race, culture, sex and gender identity.


Watch joey’s story with problem gambling to learn more

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Illustration by Joe Fleming

The Justice and Equity Lab embraces innovation to address poverty, homelessness, and social inequities in health among people who face daily marginalization and discrimination. 

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The lab currently oversees multiple ongoing projects related to problem gambling, poverty, and homelessness. Click here for more information on current and completed projects.

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This video was produced in partnership with Good Shepherd Ministries and features a personal story regarding recovering from problem gambling.

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A note from the illustrator, Joe Fleming: It occurred to me how someone with a serious addiction must feel somewhat “sentenced,” bearing the weight of such a burden. I then compared this “weight” with the physical strain placed upon Sisyphus and thought it was a great metaphor. The massive boulder was replaced with a gambling chip, and the person inside the chip walking with ease up a set of stairs is to suggest that with hard work and help, this overbearing situation will get better/easier.

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