Supporting People Recovering from Problem Gambling: A Self-Help Tool

Our Solution

SPRinG is a self-help tool that supports you to control your gambling and gain insight into why you gamble.
App features will include:
• Guided harm-reduction content that provides support when people feel an urge to gamble.
• An urge and gambling journal that helps identify the triggers and high-risk situations that lead to gambling.
• Key insights to identify gambling patterns over time and strategies to reduce harms.
• Connections to crisis lines that can help 24/7.

This product is now available via the Apple App Store and Google Play

About the App

We are using findings from research with people facing gambling problems and with service providers who work with people who gamble to understand best practices in gambling recovery. The app supports recovery in the following ways:

• Gambling problem self-assessment tools to track progress.
• Urge and gambling journals to identify triggers and high-risk situations.
• Weekly insights into urge and gambling patterns to increase awareness and inform decision-making
• Tailored self-management tips to gain greater control and maintain your progress
• Urge distraction resources to help deal with challenging situations
• 24/7 connections to crisis lines

About the Research

Further research is needed to understand what self-management approaches may be appropriate and effective for a variety of populations.

The SPRinG App will generate knowledge on:
• The impact of the mHealth technology on the severity of gambling symptoms
and other related outcomes
• The engagement and feasibility of using a mobile app in the gambling

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